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How Dr. K Helps Students Succeed

Dr. K creates a supportive environment for learning while providing detailed instruction. Students can expect to learn through instruction of topics, example and practice problems, real world examples and discussion.

My Approach

  • Thorough instruction on key topics
  • Practice problems and real-world examples
  • Engaging discussions to deepen understanding

Classes Tutored

  • High School Chemistry
  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry

Tutoring Sessions

🕒 Each session lasts 45 minutes via Zoom 🆓 Enjoy a complimentary 15-minute consultation before your first session

Affordable Rates

💲 One-on-One Tutoring: $40 for 45 minutes


Email Dr. K at or

About Dr. K

Hello, I’m Dr. K! Your Go-To Chemistry Tutor

With a PhD in Chemistry and a passion for teaching, I’ve been helping learners of all ages for over a decade.

My Teaching Experience: 📚 10+ years of teaching expertise 🧬 Thousands of classes taught in Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and related sciences

My Teaching Philosophy: 🌍 I believe in connecting theory to reality 🔬 Bridging the gap between textbook knowledge and real-world applications 💡 Making complex concepts relatable and understandable

At Dr. K’s classes, you won’t just read about atoms and bonds; you’ll explore how they impact the world around you. Join me in a journey of discovery, where science comes to life!

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