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Pricing Model

The pricing for live courses and tutoring include all fees. There are no hidden administrative costs or extra registration fees.

Live Courses

$240 per semester or $15 per week.

1 hour live class (Zoom) per week with Google classroom access (homework, quizzes, readings, videos and tests). Students will have access to Dr. K for any questions about course material. Parents have access to the Google classroom to view assignments and grades.

1-on-1 Tutoring

$40 per hour

1 hour live tutoring session over Zoom. The first consultation session to discuss tutoring plan is FREE.

Group tutoring is also available, please contact Dr. K to discuss options.

Custom Courses

$400 per semester

1 – 4 Students

Dr. K will build a custom 16 week course using a preferred textbook for an individual or small group of students. (Price inclusive for up to 4 students)