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Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you tutor?

Tutoring is offered for high school chemistry, honors chemistry, and AP Chemistry. Tutoring for college level science courses is also offered for general and organic chemistry.

Can you help my student advance?

Many students find themselves performing at grade level in their coursework, but wish to further their education beyond what they’re learning at school. We love independent learning! Our tutors are happy to introduce you to new and more challenging topics to further your skills.

Can you supplement homeschooling?

Dr. K has worked with many homeschooled students and supplemented their coursework with either live lessons or tutoring. If you would like to work with Dr. K using a specific textbook or curriculum we are fully equipped to help!

Can you help my student catch up to course material?

Yes! We will work with you and your student in our first free 15 minute consultation to determine the best plan for our tutoring sessions. We suggest bringing the syllabus to the first consultation or emailing it to Dr. K before the consultation session. This will help us determine the best place to begin.

Can you help my student for a course they will be beginning soon?

We have worked with many students over the weeks or even semester before they start a course to learn new material for their course. Dr. K has found that students who are exposed to material before seeing it in their course is much more confident in their coursework.

Do I need to get multiple tutoring sessions?

We offer a first 15 minute consultation for free to determine a plan for the tutoring sessions. After this, you can purchase one single session up to a full year of tutoring sessions. We understand that students might only need tutoring for one or two topics.